Hi. My name is Megan. I live on the Central Coast of New South  Wales, but am originally from Victoria. During recent years I have endeavoured to discover the truth about my Ancestors who have been here since time immemorial- who they were and what happened to them  under the destructive hand of Colonisation and their experiences after.  When I commenced my search, I found myself  in an old Town Hall in Oxley Victoria during a local Historical meeting open to the public, seeking information that seemingly, could not be found about the first people who roamed this plain in their hundreds. Once descendant  from a European pastoralist family in the area waved me in the general area of Hurdle Creek and said ‘ Oh that’s where the down n outers lived’… This event spurred me to  leave no book, person, or newspaper article unturned to rediscover their story in a historical context and share it with those who are, in turn, curious too.


“Here I am ‘ Djimbi Ngai possesses content that is originally written and  that is copyright protected. Please feel welcome to share links to my blog, but please do not use the content elsewhere without seeking permission in advance. Thank you.

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